Collection: Birth gift

A toddler has just been born in your entourage and you don't know what to give him as a birth gift ?
Are you afraid of choosing a product that is not suitable for the baby's age or of offering the same gift twice or uselessly?

I offer you practical and original birth gift ideas for babies!

đŸ€ A personalized card so you can write your words on it.
đŸ€A beautiful ready-to-install growth scale that will grow with the child.
đŸ€ The baby protection poster, this little extra that in addition to protecting baby from strangers, simplifies the often uncomfortable intervention of parents.
đŸ€ You prefer to let the parents choose, opt for the gift card!

Surprise new parents with a personalized birth card đŸ€

Congratulations, a little baby!

A personalized birth card is a very nice souvenir for parents!

The card is printed on a high quality matte paper which makes the colors more beautiful.
Don't wait any longer to personalize your birth card!