Who is Odie?

Who is Odie?

It's me, Odette Mailloux, who gives life and colour to each of the handmade creations that are born in my small workshop located in Stanbridge East, a small municipality in the region of Brome-Missisquoi.

A mother of two and a new grandmother of a lovely little girl, I had the privilege of working for several years with a local company to take care of the environment and the health/safety of workers.

Why this change of carreer? I wanted to refocus my life goals and go back to my roots, which are the arts, the softness and the fun and colorful world of children, following a request from my father during the last moments of his life! A FLASH in my mind happened when I saw the joy and pride in his eyes!

Being sensitive as I am, I specialize in making custom watercolor portraits to recreate glimps of happiness and make memorable memories!

My universe is also reflected in the creation of children’s works in different forms such as: illustrations, DIY cut & sew cuddly cushions and items that surround early childhood such as a growth chart in order to keep forever each step of their development witch is so precious of our little ones.

''Creations Odie'' is an assembly of my passions and my happy heart that wishes to enter the world of children with a different touch filled also with softness. As well as creating for the older one's GREAT CAPSULE OF HAPPINESS ...moments that will remain forever engraved in their memory and in their hearts.

Do not hesited to contact me, I will be happy to help you.

Odette Mailloux - Odie ;)