Collection: DIY - Cut & Sew

Who forgets his best stuffed toy? For a young child it’s more than a simple toy. It’s a reassuring object that will accompany them throughout every stages and discoveries of the outside world. It’s almost there as a family member.

Imagine that he helps you bring it to life… few stitches and hop…the child will stuff it with love before the final stitches and bring it everywhere he goes.

When we present a gift, the words we often ear are: it’s the thought that counts.

Rightly, if you create a hand-crafted gift you highly claim your desire to pleased someone because:

  • You’ve given your child the time to make it. You’ve totally invested yourself in the gift.
  • You’ve occupied your thought on how to please the person who will receive it.
  • You’ve assembled and give life to a unique gift.
  • Your child will be delighted to share a moment « between the two you ».

You have 5 different models on display with the option of buying the filling or not.