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Children are fast-growing.

Make sure not to miss their development with this colored and amusing growth ladder.


·       It will fit in any kind of décor.

·       Printed on high quality vinyl.

·       No more scratches on door frames!

·       100% made in Quebec.

·       This product is the ideal birth gift.




8 X 52 Inch.

Unit of measure starts at 20 inches and ends at 60 inches.




For a good adherence, clean thoroughly the smooth wall surface.

Do not place sticky strips directly over a heat source.

Position the growing chart at 20 inches from the floor or 40cm on chart (As you wish). Don’t forget to remove top and bottom self-adhesive protective strips.

Ask the child to stand, back to the growing chart.

Mark over his head with a Sharpie marker (suggested but not included) to indicate his height and write down the date.

It’s amusing for the child to take note that his body is growing while developing abilities measuring, counting and observing changes.

Customer Reviews

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Emilie Mennesson
Je l’aime d’amour l’échelle de croissance

Si je pouvais donner un 10/5 étoiles je le ferais!

Odette est tellement gentille et talentueuse. Ses loutres sont tellement adorables que je vendrais mon âme pour en avoir partout dans mon appartement!

Son échelle de croissance est de super qualité, facile à installer et mon fils adore regarder les dessins.

Je recommande!